• Pipeline & Gas Journal (PGJ) is an active industry stakeholder in the pipeline and utility infrastructure and supply chain industry segments.
  • PGJ routinely supports and participates in a variety of trade associations representing interests spanning the value chain.
  • Participation allows PGJ to uncover industry news and developments, identify stakeholders, establish relationships and report in event proceedings.
  • Following is a listing of relevant industry trade associations:
Acronym Association
AGA-Logo AGA American Gas Association
anga-Logo ANGA America’s Natural Gas Alliance
AOPL-LOGO AOPL Association of Oil Pipelines
APCA-logo APCA American Pipeline Contractors Association
APGA-Logo APGA American Public Gas Association
API-Logo API American Petroleum Institute
asme-logo ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
cepa-logo CEPA Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
cga-logo CGA 811 Common Ground Alliance
canadianga-logo CGA Canadian Gas Association
clng-logo CLNG Center for LNG
coloradaoga-logo COGA Colorado Oil & Gas Association
dca-logo DCA Distribution Contractors Association
Florida Energy Pipeline Association FEPA Florida Energy Pipeline Association
gmrc-logo GMRC Gas Machinery Research Council
gpa-logo GPA Gas Processors Association
GPAC-logo GPAC Gas Processors Association of Canada
hgpa-logo Houston GPA Houston GPA
ilta-logo ILTA International Liquid Terminals Association
ingaa-logo INGAA Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
IPLOCA-logo IPLOCA International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association
Louisiana Pipeliners Association logo LPA Louisiana Pipeliners Association
mea-logo MEA Midwest Energy Association
nace-logo NACE National Association of Corrosion Engineers
naesb-logo NAESB North American Energy Standards Board
napca-logo NAPCA National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators
NARUC-logo NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
naspd-logo NASPD National Association of Pipe Distributors
nga-logo NEGA Northeast Gas Association
nuca-logo NUCA National Utility Contractors Association
nwga-logo NWGA Northwest Gas Association
tpaoh-logo PAH The Pipeliner’s Association of Houston
phmsa-logo PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Association
plca-logo PLCA Pipe Line Contractors Association
plcaoc PLCAC Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada
PPSA-logo PPSA Pigging Products & Services Association
prci-logo PRCI Pipeline Research Council International
sga-logo SGA Southern Gas Association
SPE-logo SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers