Real-Time Imaging of Methane Gas Leaks Using a Single-Pixel Camera

October 2017, Vol. 244, No. 10

By Graham M. Gibson, Baoqing Sun, Matthew P. Edgar, David B. Phillips and Miles J. Padgett, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, U.K., and Nils Hempler, Gareth T. Maker and Graeme P.A. Malcolm, M Squared Laser Ltd., Glasgow, U.K.

The ability to image invisible gases has applications in industrial and environmental monitoring settings, but is technologically challenging to embed in a low-cost device. For example, imaging methane gas has applications among gas utility companies for routine pipeline monitoring and storage facility inspection. Video rate gas imaging conveys the direction of dispersal and hence the location of a leak source, helping users to improve their efficiency of response to hazardous events. Conventional approaches to detecting methane gas leaks have mainly been based upon flame ionization detectors (FIDs), but such technology measures concentration at only a…

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