Capacity Center’s Annual Top 20 Pipeline Traders

April 2017, Vol. 244, No. 4

Special to Pipeline & Gas Journal

In 2016, Tenaska once again topped Capacity Center’s annual top trader listings, acquiring 4.786 Bcf/d of annualized capacity during 2016. BP came in second with 4.529 Bcf/d, with Direct Energy (3.611 Bcf/d), Sequent (3.241 Bcf/d) and Constellation (2.995 Bcf/d) rounding out the Top 5, respectively. “We are also seeing an emerging trend toward more longer term, forward-dated deals that are being done many months prior to the traded capacity being ‘effective’ for example, deals done in April to start the following November, as well as in the fall to start the following summer,” explained Greg…

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