Monitoring Key to Developing Rigorous Corrosion-Protection Program for Gas Storage

March 2017, Vol. 244, No. 3

By Lindsey Rennecker, Sr. Project Engineer, EN Engineering LLC and Deborah Sus, Sr. Project Manager, EN Engineering LLC.

Recent recommendations from the federal Department of Energy (DOE) regarding corrosion-protection programs for natural gas storage will likely require action on the part of operators around the country. As Ernest J. Moniz, the outgiong Secretary of Energy, wrote in the introductory pages of the DOE Final Report of the Interagency Task Force on Natural Gas Storage Safety1, “Gas storage operators should begin a rigorous evaluation program to baseline the status of their wells, {and} establish risk management planning…” For many operators already understaffed and overburdened with regulatory requirements, the task of developing such a program…

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