Northeast Natural Gas Pipelines: Is More Capacity Needed?

February 2017, Vol. 244, No. 2

By Paul Moran, Associate Director, Lee Laviolette, Managing Director, and Gordon Pickering, Director, Navigant

The ability of natural gas production from the Appalachian Basin, primarily the Marcellus and Utica shale plays in the Northeast, to reach growing demand centers in the Gulf Coast and Midwest is largely a function of expanding pipeline infrastructure. The Appalachian region has witnessed significant growth in natural gas production and represents about 27% of total U.S. production, up from virtually zero at the beginning of the decade. Navigant’s North American Natural Gas Outlook, Fall 2016 shows continued growth in Appalachian production is expected to reach a remarkable 38 Bcfd, 34% of total U.S. production,…

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