Natural Gas Vehicles: Accurately Measuring Tank Fills

July 2016, Vol. 243, No. 7

By Edgar B. Bowles, Jr., Director - Fluids & Machinery Engineering Department, J. Christopher Buckingham, Director - Fluids Engineering Program and Darin L. George, Principal Engineer, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio

With the discovery and development of vast domestic gas shales in the United States over the past decade, this expanding energy resource has led to broader appeal of natural-gas-fueled vehicles (NGVs). Vehicle manufacturers are increasing the number of their NGV offerings, and the natural gas refueling infrastructure in the nation continues to expand. This article focuses on measurement challenges associated with refueling NGVs with compressed natural gas (CNG). Fueling Infrastructure As of February, the industry group Natural Gas Vehicles for America reported there was about 153,000 NGVs on U.S. roads, representing less than 1% of…

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