Pipeline Industry Leaders to Produce Safety Leadership Training Program

March 2016, Vol. 243, No. 3

Caterpillar, in collaboration with PipeLine Machinery International, Inc. (PLM) and a group of industry leading companies, is now offering the Pipeline Safety Leadership Program, a first-of-its-kind training course produced specifically for pipeliners. With a focus on personal accountability for safety and incident prevention, the program is designed to support the industry as it shifts from traditional to world-class safety management.

Joining Caterpillar in developing the program vision and funding the production were PLM and partnering companies PLH Group; TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.; Spectra Energy Transmission LLC; Welded Construction; Sheehan Pipe Line Construction; Rockford Corporation; Strike, LLC; Quanta Services; U.S. Pipeline; and Enbridge Employee Services Canada Inc.

The five-module program plans to foster safe work environments by helping leaders at all levels understand and leverage the power of culture on safety performance. Emphasizing engagement, communication and positive recognition as the building blocks of safety culture excellence, the course notes the effect each leader has on employee attitudes, behaviors and beliefs.

“With this leadership program, Caterpillar and your global pipeline dealer, PipeLine Machinery International, focus in on our unique customer base, raising the bar on safety as it has never been done before,” said Lindley Imeson, PLM vice president of Product Support.

With video produced on actual job sites and featuring interviews with real pipeliners, the program content is tailored to reflect the specific challenges and risks inherent in pipeline industry work. Proven methods for building a culture of safety are explained through scenarios, imagery and testimonials drawn from the environments in which participants work every day. The educational content is derived from decades of Caterpillar research and development of effective safety-management strategies.

Within the five training modules are 24 individual sessions formatted for flexible facilitation. The courses can be completed in individual segments of 30-45 minutes or longer sessions to suit a variety of training needs and schedules. The complete program package includes a binder with facilitator and train-the-trainer instructions and a USB Flash drive with videos, presentation materials and handouts. For more information about the Pipeline Safety Leadership Training Program visit the PLM website.

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