Columbia Pipelines Looking to Spend $1.1 Billion on Modernization

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Columbia Gas Transmission has filed a customer agreement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to extend its long-term system modernization program by three years, through 2020.The agreement, with a requested approval by March 31, would provide for $1.1 billion of additional investment.

Parent company Columbia Pipeline Gas (CPG), has invested about $1 billion under the modernization programs over the past three years, placing more than 100 projections into service. These include:

• Replacement of more than 130 miles of bare steel pipelines and wrought iron facilities

• Upgrades of about 116,000 hp of compression

• Installation of an emerging technology, real-time preventive maintenance monitoring system to more than 80% of its existing compressor fleet.

Investments in the program have enabled CPG to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 20,000 metric tons annually, the company said. Columbia Transmission, a subsidiary of CPG and Columbia Pipeline Partners, is engaged in the transmission and storage of natural gas and operates about 12,000 miles of pipeline across 10 states.

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