Waterside Energy Looks to Expand Project on Columbia River

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LONGVIEW, WA (AP) — A Houston-based energy company has unveiled plans to expand its proposed energy project along the Columbia River in Longview.

In addition to an $800 million proposed oil refinery, Waterside Energy said it wants to build a $450 million liquefied petroleum gas on private property.

The Daily News reported that about one train a day would bring propane and butane from Canada and North Dakota to the terminal. The facility could receive up to 75,000 bpd.

The proposed oil refinery would process 45,000 bpd, including 30,000 bbls of crude oil and 15,000 bbls of seed oil and used cooking oil. Most of that product will be sold into the greater Portland market. The company said the projects together will create 700 construction jobs and 180 jobs after construction.

Environmental groups have raised concerns about potential train derailments and other risks.

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