What’s New: October 2014

October 2014, Vol. 241, No. 10

New products and services from AMETEK, Unique Seaflex, Fotech, Schonstedt, OleumTech, Practical Instrument Electronics and more.

AMETEK/Chandler Engineering

The Model 3300 In-Line Viscometer from Chandler Engineering provides real-time, on-location measurement of fracturing fluid viscosity. Ruggedized to withstand harsh field conditions, the meter is easy to operate and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning. Critical components can be replaced with minimal operator intervention. The device uses industry standard Couette bob and rotor geometry and operates at a fixed shear rate of 511 sec-1. www.chandlereng.com.

Unique Seaflex
Unique Seaflex modules at the head of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipelineUnique Seaflex offers pipeline buoyancy modules for pipelaying projects. The IMCA-compliant bags are designed for ease of transport and handling, speed of rigging and diver safety. When provided with the main project parameters (pipeline size, weight in water and water depths), company technicians are able to recommend the most suitable buoyancy and rigging solution and can also assist with the definition of methods. Technicians are available to travel worldwide as required to supervise and ensure the most effective and efficient use of their equipment on such projects. The company offers a free trial to new customers. www.uniquegroup.com.


DNV GL is launching three new Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) to address the technical challenges of the offshore pipeline industry. One project deals with pipeline repair, maintenance and modification technology on offshore pipelines developed to accommodate deeper and harsher environments and reduce downtime, such as remote pipeline operations using hyperbaric welding. Another addresses free spans in trenches, gaps between the seabed and pipeline which can lead to vibrations which may damage the pipeline. A third regards design of pipeline components. While offshore pipeline design standards have been optimized, there has not been a consistent and unified approach to pipeline component design, which this project aims to address. www.dnvgl.com.

Schonstedt Instrument Company

Schonstedt has announced the XTpc+, a pipe and cable locator featuring a lightweight, compact receiver coupled with a 5-watt transmitter for accuracy and versatility. It carries a three-year warranty. www.schonstedt.com.

Practical Instrument Electronics

The PIECAL 850 Multifunction Process calibrator is a new design to maintain aging 10-50 mA process control loop instrumentation. Features include patented built-in troubleshooting tools and an internal 42V power supply able to drive transmitters and positioners in 10-50 mA loops. In addition to control signals for temperature, voltage, current and frequency it has the ability to measure pressure and simulate pH. It also features functions to detect leaks and diagnose loop issues. www.piecal.com.


Topcon Positioning Group has released two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for mapping, the Sirius Pro and Sirius Basic. Both systems are designed to produce accurate solutions for the automated mapping of a wide range of sites regardless of terrain, including construction sites, and for use in land surveying, power line and pipeline inspection as well as precision field mapping. www.topconpositioning.com.


OleumTech’s WIO System is a fast, bi-directional wireless I/O system for replacing industrial hardwired applications. The system requires no software configuration, and does not require trenching or running wires. This hardwire replacement system consists of a radio kit (900 MHz or 2.4 GHz) that can be used with digital, 4-20 mA, and 0-10 V I/O modules for replicating signals over the air. All I/O modules provide field isolated inputs and outputs. The radio kit supports and powers up to 16 pairs of I/O modules in any combination, providing the ultimate flexibility in I/O expansion. This wireless system provides secure AES encrypted RF communication and provides one second or faster response time for near real-time data accessibility. It features failsafe output modes in case either RF or I/O failure occurs. Sales@OleumTech.com, http://WIO.OleumTech.com.

Unistrut International

Unistrut International has introduced a corrosion-resistant patent pending product line called Unistrut Defender for framing and support applications in harsh environments. The line is intended for applications in which hot-dip galvanized solutions did not meet service life requirements and stainless steel hardware is considered too expensive. www.unistrut.us.


Diamond Grip attaches dozens of case hardened, alloy steel grippers to the bottom of a shoe or boot to prevent slips and falls on snowy or icy surfaces. The patented six-pointed “diamond beads” are strung on steel aircraft cable and put hundreds of biting edges under the heel and the ball of the foot to grip the slickest ice or hardest-packed snow. The design spreads load evenly from heel to toe, eliminating uncomfortable hot spots and the rubber sling that secures the beads to a shoe or boot never touches the walking surface, eliminating wear. The grips are designed for all-day wear on ice and snow, to transition across asphalt and cement, and to be easy to put on and take off for workers who have to get in and out of vehicles. https://icetrekkers.com.

Work hours vs. idle hours
HCSS GPS is a GPS system that can manage all of a pipeline contractor’s GPS data in one place using the Association of Equipment Management Professionals telematics standard. Raw GPS data is converted into information that automates processes. Information communicated from the field can include daily cost analysis, cycle time analysis, real-time production, and start/end time auditing. Preventative maintenance can be automated through tracking accurate and timely meter readings. Alerts are sent if equipment is started at odd hours or moves outside of the normal job site. Managers can track vehicle speed across jobs and days, measure work time versus idle time, monitor driver pattern, and record mileage by state. 800-683-3196, info@hcss.com, www.hcss.com.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology

TRICOR Coriolis Technology has released a new 3-inch Coriolis flowmeter to add to its TCM series. This meter is suited to measuring the midstream transportation of oil and gas, rail car and truck loading, allocation metering in crude oil and natural gas production, and metering of refined products in downstream production applications. The meter can measure flows of 8,433 lbs/min (230,000 kg/hr) or 1012 gpm / 34,700 Bbl/d (230,000 lph ), and withstand pressures up to 1,450 psi with a high degree of accuracy. The company expects it will be certified to ATEX Ex IIC TI-T6, and CSA/cUS Class 1 Div 1. www.tricorflow.com.


Diakont’s robotic inline inspection services allow remote assessment of the condition of unpiggable pipeline sections, including sections at undiggable crossings, gathering lines, pipes within complex urban geometry and delivery lines. NDE sensor technologies perform comprehensive examinations of the entire pipe wall conditions, including the interior (ID) and exterior (OD). The wall thickness and anomaly data captured supplements an operator’s standard mainline pigging program. www.diakont.com.


Fotech’s LivePIPE system uses Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), an optical technique that involves laser light pulsed through a standard single-mode fiber optic cable, to determine the potential threat to a pipeline. When sound or vibration impacts the cable, interference is generated from the pulses of light, which is reflected back down the fiber to the sensor. A single sensor is capable of monitoring up to 40km of pipeline, with power and electronics only required at the sensor location. Multiple sensors may be integrated to provide sensing on any length of pipeline. The system can be configured to generate alarms for specific threats, such as a mechanical excavator working in close proximity to the pipeline. It can also detect leakage via vibrations from disrupted product flow. www.fotechsolutions.com.