October 2014 Ad Index

October 2014, Vol. 241, No. 10

Advertisers from the print edition of Pipeline & Gas Journal, October 2014, Vol. 241 No. 10.

A + Corporation, LLC, www.geniefilters.com
A&E Construction Supply
abovegroundmarkers.com LLC, www.abovegroundmarker.com
Accel, Inc., www.acclexo.com
AGS, www.agsgps.com
Air Logistics, www.airlog.com
Airport Windsock Corp.
Ametek Pipeline Products
Anchor Pipe International, Inc., www.anchorpipe.com
ArborMetrics Solutions, Inc.
AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG
Ball Winch Pipeline Services, www.lbfoster.com
Best PumpWorks, www.bestpumpworks.com
Bishop Lifting Products, Inc., www.lifting.com
BKW Inc., www.bkwinc.com
Bredero Shaw
Canusa, www.canusa-cps.com
CCI Pipeline Systems, www.ccipipe.com
CECO, www.ceconet.com
Clarion Technical Conferences, www.clarion.org
Clemco Industries, www.clemcoindustries.com
Clock Spring Company, www.clockspring.com
Coastal Corrosion Control, www.coastalcorrosion.com
Commercial Resins, www.commercialresins.com
Common Ground Alliance
Control Devices, Inc., www.pigging.com
CPI Pipe & Steel, www.cpipipe.com
CRC-Evans Pipeline International, www.crc-evans.com
Darby Equipment Company
Davis Corporation, www.davcorpipelinerollers.com
Denso GmbH, www.denso.de
Denso North America, www.densona.com
Detector Electronics Corp., www.det-tronics.com
Dimension Energy Services, www.dimensionenergyservices.com
Ditch Witch
DMI International
Dresser-Rand Corporate Services
Drilltech, Inc.
Dualco, www.dualco-inc.com
Dyna Torque
EagleView Technologies, www.eagleview.com
EN Engineering, www.enengineering.com
Enduro Pipeline Services, www.enduropls.com
Energy Solutions International, www.energy-solutions.com
Erciyas Steel Pipe Co.
E-Z Line Pipe Support Co., Inc., www.ezline.com
Flexim Americas Corporation, www.flexim.com
Flexpipe Systems, www.flexpipesystems.com
Flir Commercial Systems, www.flir.com
FMC Technologies/Measurement Solutions, www.smithmeter.com
GE Pipeline Management
Gearench, www.gearench.com
Girard Industries, www.girardind.com
Greenes Energy Group
Gulf Interstate Field Services, www.gie.com
Harding Directional Drilling, www.hardingdrilling.com
Harsco-Air-X-Changers, www.harscoaxc.com
Heaman Pipe Bending, Inc., www.heaman.com
Heath Consultants Incorporated, www.heathus.com
Hold Tight Solutions, www.holdtight.com
Horizontal Drilling Internatiional (HDI), www.hdi.fr
Horizontal Technology, Inc., www.horizontaltech.com
Hydro X
HYTORC Industrial Bolting Systems, www.hytorc.com
IFT Industrial Service Freeze Plug
Illinois Truck & Equipment
Inline Services, www.inlineservices.com
Insituform Technologies
International Corrosion Control, www.rustrol.com
Isobend GmbY
Kidd Pipeline & Specialties, Inc., www.kiddpipeline.com
KS Energy Services LLC, www.ksenergyservices.com
Lane Trailer Manufacturing Co., www.lanetrailers.com
Laney Directional Drilling, www.laneydrilling.com
LASEN, www.lasen.com
Lift Technologies, Inc., www.lifttechnologiesinc.com
LS Industries, www.lsindustries.com
Master Bond, Inc., www.masterbond.com
Mathey Dearman, www.mathey.com
M-B-W Incorporated, www.soilpick.com
McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., www.mcelroy.com
Mears HDD, www.quantaservices.com
Meridien Energy, LLC
MESA, www.mesaproducts.com
Meter Engineers, Inc., www.meterengineers.com
Michell Instruments, Inc., www.mitchell.com/us
Midwestern Contractors, www.midwesterncontractors.com
Midwestern Manufacturing, www.sidebooms.com
Miratech, www.miratechcorp.com
NCFI Polyurethanes
NDT Systems & Services GmbH & Co. KG, www.ndt-global.com
No Freeze Water Hose
Oilfield Manufacturers Warehouse, www.timmillersales.com
Outlaw Padding Company, www.outlawpadding.com
PeBen USA, Inc., www.pebenusa.com
PennWell, www.pennwell.com
Pergam Technical Services
Philadelphia Gear
Pigs Unlimited International, Inc., www.pigsunlimited.com
PII Pipeline Solutions, www.ge.com/pii
Pipeline Equipment, Inc., www.pipelineequipment.com
PipeLine Machinery International, www.plmcat.com
Pipeline Pigging Products, www.pipepigs.com
Pipeline Testing Consortium, www.pipelinetesting.com
PipeSak, Inc., www.pipesak.com
Pipetech, Inc., www.pipetech.net
Pipetel Technology, Inc., www.pipetelone.com
PLH Group Company
Polyguard Products, Inc., www.polyguardproducts.com
Power Associates International, www.paiinc.com
PPSA, www.piggingassnppsa.com
Priority Energy Services, LLC, www.priorityenergyllc.com
Project Consulting Services, www.projectconsulting.com
Proline Pipe Equipment, Inc., www.prolinepipeequipment.com
ProSoft Technology, Inc., www.prosoft-technology.com
Quorum Business Solutions, www.qbsol.com
Reynolds French, www.r-f.com
Rock Guard
Rosen Group, www.roseninspection.net
Rosler Metal Finishing USA, www.rosler.us
Rotork Controls, Inc.
Russell NDE Systems, Inc., www.russelltech.com
SAFE Engineering Services, www.sestech.com
Safety Wrap Corp., www.safetywrapcorp.com
Sawyer Manufacturing Co., www.sawyermfg.com
Schneider Electric, www.telvent.com
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, www.sclinc.com
Semaphore, A Servelec Group Company
Shaw Pipeline Services
Shurtape Technologies, LLC, www.shurtape.com
SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
Southeast Directional Drilling, www.southeastdrilling.com
Southern Gas Association, www.sgalink.org
SpectraSensors, www.spectrasensors.com
Steel Etc.
Step-Ko Products, www.stepko.com
Stroud Diving & Hydrography, www.mesco-offshore.com
Structural Integrity Associates, www.structint.com
Sunbelt Equipment Marketing, www.sunbeltrentals.com
Superior Tire & Rubber Co., www.superiortire.com
T.D. Williamson, Inc., www.tdwilliamson.com
T.G. Mercer Consulting Services
TEAM Industrial Services
Tek Rock Trenching
Texas CAT
Toshiba International Corporation, www.tic.toshiba.com
Townsend Corporation
Trachte Channelframe Buildings, www.TrachteUSA.com
Tulsa Rig Iron, Inc., www.tulsarigiron.com
U.S. Trencher & Supply, Inc.
ULC Robotics, www.ulcrobotics.com
Umran Celik Boru Sanayii A.S.
Vacmasters, www.vacmasters.com
Vacuworx Global, www.vacuworx.com
Vermeer Corporation
Volvo Construction Equipment
Walker Magnetics
Wasco Energy Ltd., www.wascoenergy.com
Weamco/Metric, www.weamco.com
Wilcrest Field Services, Inc., www.wilcrest.com
Willbros, www.willbros.com
Wm. Riggs Co., Inc., www.flangespreader.com