Itron Installs Canada’s Largest Meter Automation Project

September 2013, Vol. 240 No. 9

Itron Inc. has completed installation of its automated gas-metering solution for ATCO Gas, a natural gas service provider to more than a million customers in Alberta, making this the largest such project in Canada. Itron’s gas-metering solution include 1.1 million gas communication modules, mobile and handheld collectors and associated software.

Itron’s automated gas-metering solution is designed to streamline the meter-reading process, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The installation at ATCO Gas was scheduled for completion within four years but took just over two years.

“Automated meter reading allows us to read meters through a mobile collector as we drive through neighborhoods. This makes meter reading safer for our employees and more convenient for our customers,” said Bill Stephens, president of ATCO Gas.

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