Solomon Associates Readies 2013 Gas Transmission Study

June 2013, Vol. 240, No. 6

Solomon Associates of Dallas announced its 2013 Natural Gas Transmission System Performance Analysis (NGTS Study) to help pipeline operators maintain a high level of operating cost efficiency and stay competitive amid today’s challenging market conditions.

“The need to maintain high level of pipeline integrity and remain cost-efficient is more complicated and critical than ever,” said John Jungman, vice president of pipelines for Solomon Associates. “Operators find themselves struggling to balance the need of meeting or exceeding regulatory standards while managing their costs. Solomon Associates’ NGTS Study helps uncover solutions to optimize operations under the increasing pressure to improve performance.”

Past NGTS Studies based on analysis results from more than 30 transmission systems, comprising 150,000 miles of pipe, 800 compressor stations and 11,000 meter-regulator stations analyzed all aspects of participants’ operations, including company and contractor costs, work hours and reliability. The results identify improvement opportunities in targeted work areas and business processes.

“No two gas pipelines are the same. Each has different geographic and operating characteristics,” said Jungman. “That’s why each transmission system is analyzed from an in-depth perspective with normalized data to provide the most accurate comparison of operational performance to any competitor.”

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