CX-15 Buoyant Tower En Route To Peru

October 2012, Vol. 239 No. 10

The CX-15 buoyant tower, designed by a joint venture between GMC and Horton Wison Deepwater for BPZ Energy and completed at Wison Offshore & Marine’s yard in Nantong China, was transported to Peru.

The shallow water buoyant tower will be located one mile from the existing CX-11 platform in a water depth of 175 feet in the Corvina field in offshore block Z-1, with both platforms interconnected via a series of subsea pipelines.

The platform is designed for 12,200 bpd of oil, gas compression capacity of 12.8 MMsdf/d and produced water handling and injection capacity of 3,500 bpd. A total of 24 drill slots will be available, some of which will be used for gas and water reinjection wells.