PRCI Announces 2012 Program For Pipeline Research

February 2012, Vol. 239 No. 2

Pipeline Research Council International, Inc. (PRCI), said its 2012 Research Program will pay particular attention to corrosion-related issues as well as nearly aspect of pipeline and facilities operations. These will include:

* Corrosion – Re-inspection intervals for pipelines experiencing external corrosion; coatings performance and effectiveness; internal corrosion threat assessment; SCC susceptibility evaluations; SCC mitigation and repair; and, pipeline integrity and assurance of reliability for SCC.

* Design, Materials & Construction – Alternate gas products with projects to improve design capabilities for pipelines to transport CO-2; improve transmission construction efficiency while maintaining quality standards; materials, welding and non-destructive testing with evaluation of composite pipeline repair systems for offshore pipeline repair challenges and reinforcement of onshore lines to permit continued rated service; advance state-of-the-art transmission pipeline weld quality and efficiency; structural integrity assessment of vintage pipelines; and structural significance of mechanical damage.

* Operations & Integrity – Developing new technology and improving tools and methods for onshore and offshore pipeline integrity management, including four separate programs directed at high priority needs: LRW/longitudinal seam pipe; small leak detection for liquid pipelines; mechanical damage inspection and characterization; and automating monitoring and surveillance of right-of-way corridors.

* Compressor & Pump Station – Compressor engine compliance with current and expected air toxics regulations; a program to derive reliability and fuel efficiency improvements as well as enhanced compliance capabilities from the application of retrofit NOx control technologies; gas turbine emissions compliance; evaluation of the applicability of the NO-2 dispersion model mandated by EPA; effect of ethanol on pump station components, and liquid CO-2 pump station technology challenges.

* Measurement – Performance of ultrasonic meters under varying operating conditions and installation configurations, and a meter station design tool expanded to include linear meter options.

* Underground Storage – Storage field integrity to provide additional tools to storage field operators (both reservoir and caverns) to meet emerging storage facility integrity management requirements.

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