Line Pipe Coating Facility Works Million Man Hours Without Lost Time Accident

May 2011, Vol. 238 No. 5

“Our Birmingham team has achieved an incredible accomplishment by maintaining 10 successful years of proactive safety in their work environment,” said Merry Brumbaugh, vice president, L.B. Foster Tubular Products.

Company representatives said a decade of safe operations at the Alabama plant demonstrates an intense safety awareness encouraged by DuPont’s Safety Training Observation Program and promoted with ongoing corporate-wide safety initiatives.

“There is a total commitment to safety by team members and a real belief that all accidents are preventable,” noted Tim Chiasson, general manager, Plant Operations, L.B. Foster Tubular Products.

The Birmingham plant schedules daily, weekly and monthly safety discussions. These are conducted in meetings that range from gatherings of small teams to facility-wide events. These groups then elevate safety ideas and concerns to the L.B. Foster corporate level.

This critical employee input helped Pittsburgh-based management to provide support that addressed equipment and material processing concerns regarding the safety environment of the coating facility.

The L.B. Foster Tubular Products coating plant is ISO 9001:2008 registered and employs a staff of up to 60 workers. The Birmingham facility applies fusion bond epoxy corrosion protection on 10.75-inch to 24-inch steel line pipe manufactured by American Steel Pipe.

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