New Guidelines For Float-Over Installations And Moorings

March 2011, Vol. 238 No. 3

GL Noble Denton has issued new guidelines for float-over installations and for moorings.

They are now available for oil and gas companies, designers and contractors and describe “industry good practice” which help companies to have their mooring systems or float-over operations approved by GL Noble Denton. An approval by GL Noble Denton may be a requirement of an insurance warranty or to ensure that operational risks are as low as possible.

The guidelines (0031/ND) are an industry first and reflect popularity of float-over operations. The guidelines draw on GL Noble Denton’s experience of float-over operations, both on to floating hulls and fixed platforms. The recent trend to use dynamic positioning (DP) for the float-over operation is also covered. The guidelines complete the whole topside or deck installation sequence namely, loadout, transportation and the float-over operation itself.

The mooring guidelines (0032/ND) embrace not only the ISO 19901-7 standard on station keeping, which had GL Noble Denton input, but also address quayside moorings and short-term moorings for marine operations such as load-outs and float-overs.

The guidelines are developed by GL Noble Denton Technical Policy Board, which includes 15 worldwide Technical Authorities, assisted by over 60 Technical Correspondents who contribute their expertise and knowledge acquired in different areas of the world. All GL Noble Denton guidelines can be downloaded from:

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