What’s New In HDPE Fusion/Fittings

December 2009 Vol. 236 No. 12

New HDPE applications from Kerotest, McElroy, IPF Industrial Pipe Fittings, Exterran and Midwest Pipeline Rehabilitation.

Kerotest Manufacturing Corporation
Kerotest Manufacturing Corp. says its POLYBALL™ polyethylene ball valves earned certification from the Certification Institute of North America (CINA), an independent, third-party product testing agency which provides voluntary certification of products for the gas distribution industry to nationally recognized consensus standards. Kerotest said CINA certification means that POLYBALL valves meet stringent performance requirements, including ASTM D-2513 and ASME B16.40. As part of the certification process, CINA will perform unannounced audits of Kerotest’s facilities periodically to help ensure that POLYBALL continues to meet the highest product quality standards, and all POLYBALL valves will bear the CINA mark. The valves are available in standard and full port designs, and can operate at pressures up to 125 psi and in temperatures from -20? to 140?F. 412-423-1088, cfwoolley@kerotest.com, www.kerotest.com.

McElroy Manufacturing

McElroy Manufacturing has announced the Low Profile Roller, a modular pipe roller for 4- to 20-inch diameter pipe. Designed to keep high-density PE pipe off the ground and clean, the rollers can be paired with several pieces of McElroy equipment to reduce manpower and heavy machinery required to maneuver pipe. A typical jobsite scenario could incorporate the Low Profile Rollers, a fusion machine and McElroy’s PolyHorse pipe-handling system. The rollers are rugged and reliable, featuring a sealed ball-bearing construction. Ordered by the crate, jobsite operators can quickly assemble the 40 crated rollers. On a variety of jobsites, the rollers were found to be tip-resistant and able to handle curved pulls over considerable distances. The external beads created from the fusion process also slide right through the rollers during the pulling process. 918-831-9256, www.mcelroy.com.

IPF Industrial Pipe Fittings, LLC
IPF Industrial Pipe Fittings, LLC offers a brochure devoted to the Plasson line of ElectroFusion Fittings. Plasson is described as a worldwide leader in fittings for polyethylene pipe for more than 40 years. The company is offering a complete line of ElectroFusion products including Plasson ElectroFusion fittings, tools and control boxes. The brochure includes a letter from Jana Laboratories Inc. of Aurora, Ontario, stating the Jana Laboratories Inc. “attests that the ElectroFusion fittings manufactured by Plasson are in conformance with ASTM F1055 and ASTM D2513.” Contact Don Branch, 713-645-2858, 800-241-4175, sales@hdpefittings.com, www.hdpefittings.com.

Exterran Holdings, Inc.
Exterran Holdings, Inc. offers TurboShield™, a turbocharger management system for large stationary engines. The hardware/software system allows operators to identify the most economical time to overhaul a turbocharger, forecast engine emissions to remain in compliance, and detect the effect of engine port carboning. Using engineering and physics fundamentals to analyze collected operating data, TurboShield™ is the only system on the market that provides customers the robust key performance indicators needed to make informed decisions regarding their turbocharger fleet. Based upon years of research, selected temperature, pressure and speed sensors are precisely placed inside a turbocharger casing. These sensors continually send operating data to the TurboShield™ unit located near the turbocharger. Validated and processed data are sent to a central computer, engine controller, or SCADA system for further processing. www.exterran.com.

Midwest Pipeline Rehabilitation

Midwest Pipeline Rehabilitation, LLC and HydraTech, LLC are offering their new corrosion-resistant coating, HydraLine. It is described as a range of epoxy-based products that offer versatility for a variety of applications and substrates. With an emphasis on chemical and corrosion resistance, HydraLine is said to offer proven products for use as primers, fillers, FRP binders and chemical/corrosion resistant coatings. The photograph shows what is described as the finished product which is a sample piece done with a fiberglass mat inlay. James Postelwait, 740-974- 3571, JamesP@midwestpipelinerehab.com.

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