October New Products

October 2009 Vol. 236 No. 10

New products from Quest Integrity, Lincoln Electric, Enduro Pipeline, Pipeline Inspection Company, Phoenix Contact, R&M Energy Services, American Welding Society, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies…

New products from Quest Integrity, Lincoln Electric, Enduro Pipeline, Pipeline Inspection Company, Phoenix Contact, R&M Energy Services, American Welding Society, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd, McElroy, Clarion, OSD Pipelines, E.H. Wachs, Vermeer, SmartSignal® Corporation, TechCorr, Evonik Industries, Rig Source, Inc.

Quest Integrity Group
Quest Integrity Group recently launched its InVista™ ultrasonic inline inspection technology for pipelines that have historically been unpiggable. InVista, used in conjunction with Quest’s inspection services and LifeQuest™ Fitness-for-Service software, is said to be a fully self-contained and free-flowing tool providing 100% coverage data for highly accurate pipeline condition assessments. InVista’s unique design currently accommodates 3-12-inch diameters, 1-D bends, diameter changes and bi-directionality, among other challenges. 281-557-2255 x102, www.questintegrity.com.

Lincoln Electric Company

Lincoln Electric has added the LN™-25 PRO with dual power to its line of standard and extra torque LN-25 PRO wire feeders. The new dual-power model features a voltage control knob for superior arc control and digital meters for increased monitoring as well as MIG-STT® capabilities. The LN-25 PRO can be powered by either a control cable or across the arc cable. This new control cable power feature allows the operator to adjust voltage and wire feed speed remotely. All LN-25 PRO wire feeder models are designed to be simple, reliable and easy to service. These wire feeders are for field construction, fabrication, shipyards and rental companies. All models include a gas solenoid and flow meter to run flux-cored and MIG wires. The extra torque model features additional torque gearing for reliable feeding of large-diameter flux-cored wires. 888-355-3213, www.lincolnelectric.com, Bulletin E8.105.

Enduro Pipeline Services
Enduro is offering the dual-diameter DigiTel Flux Logger (DfL™). Pipe ranges covered include 10-inch x 12-inch, 8-inch x 10-inch and 6-inch x 8-inch. The unit acquires data from several sources simultaneously in the pipe sizes listed, all in one pass. This negates the need to perform independent surveys for each pipe size. It provides data sets for conducting metal loss, deformation and inertial surveys. Internal and external discrimination and residual field data are taken in one pass. Processing and analyzing the closely coupled data allows software users/analysts to more readily recognize pipeline features and assess conditions. Any areas indicating geometry and/or metal loss features may now be simultaneously evaluated for deformation, strain, profile, and permeability variations. GPS mapping available on request. 918-446-1934, www.enduropls.com.

Pipeline Inspection Company Ltd.

The Pipeline Inspection Ltd. says its SPY® 780 direct current operation offers greater reliability and operating flexibility when FBE (fusion-bonded epoxy) and other thin coatings are inspected. No matter how fast the operator scans the pipe, the constant current provides a complete and continuous coverage over a 1,000-5,000 volt spectrum. The company says even the smallest of holidays can be detected and repaired in fusion-bonded epoxy. The 780 is lightweight, self-contained and shares all of the same ergonomic features as the SPY Model 785 (1,000 to 15,000 volts) and 790 (5,000-35,000 volts) pulse units. A built in jeep meter reduces set up time. Electrodes are available to inspect pipe from 2-60 inches in diameter. Each system is packaged with two eight-hour batteries, a charger electrode wand and a ground cable in a durable molded carrying case. 713-681-5837, sales@picltd.com, www.picltd.com.

Phoenix Contact

The new analog V.92 Ethernet modem from Phoenix Contact is said to make remote servicing and diagnostics of distant network devices as simple as dialing into an Internet connection. Ethernet control systems and operation panels anywhere in the world can be controlled remotely via a modem and a telephone line. The modem establishes a connection using the Point-to-Point protocol with 128-bit password encryption and continuous re-authentication via CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol). This prevents unauthorized access. Carrying out servicing and diagnostic tasks locally on remote/distant network devices saves time and money. 800-322-3225, info@phoenixcon.com, www.phoenixcon.com.

R&M Energy Systems

R&M Energy Systems offers its latest, most technically advanced solution for pipeline and vessel closures. Marketed under the SENTRY® brand name, this non-threaded, internal door closure is said to provide greater security due to heavier, more rugged locking components that retain pressure in both shear and compression modes; greater safety with all locking components fully engaged until vessel depressurization is complete; and quicker, easier operation that is said to require little effort from a single operator to close the largest closure with minimal time. All pressure-retaining components on the SENTRY Closure are manufactured from ASME SA designated materials. 936-890-1064, 403-264-2995, info@rmenergy.com, www.rmenergy.com.

American Welding Society
A revised edition of the American Welding Society’s AWS C4.2, Recommended Practices for Safe Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Torch Operation has been published. The standard known as C4.2/C4.2M:2009 supersedes the 2006 edition. The 62-page book describes the oxyfuel gas cutting process and latest procedures and safety requirements, using terminology compatible with ISO documents. Illustrations show torch and nozzle configurations and examples of production-cut surfaces. The standard makes use of both U.S. Customary Units and the International System of Units (SI). The revised standard is the joint effort of the AWS C4 Committee on Oxyfuel Gas Welding and Cutting, made up of volunteer industry suppliers, end-users, and researchers. 888-WELDING, www.aws.org/standards.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

The CRxFlex is the latest addition to the suite of digital radiography conversion options from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. Described as reliable and versatile, the device provides superior image quality for flaw detection in welds, cast parts and corrosion/erosion detection in pipes. The scanner can be used with either isotopes or x-ray sources. Unlike competitive phosphor scanners, GE says its scanner can be used either with hard cassettes, in which the phosphor imaging plate never leaves the cassette, or it can scan any size of phosphor screen up to 14 x 17 inches and any shape can be accommodated, including circles, triangles, rectangles, pie shape, etc. These individual imaging plates can be exposed using a soft, flexible cassette (with or without lead) before scanning. www.gesensinginspection.com.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd

Huntingdon Fusion says for welding stainless steel pipes up to 12 inches in diameter, a new range of purging systems has been launched that allows the introduction of inert gas to reduce the oxygen content of pipes faster and allow welding to begin sooner than previously possible. The new pipe purging system is designed with multiple exhaust channels to allow the oxygen in the weld space to be exhausted faster than before. Furthermore, additional inert gas inlet channels have been provided to speed up the purging process for more time savings. Designated “Multi Hole Pipe Purge System,” the firm says its new Argweld® range is for pipes from 2-12 inches in diameter and replaces the previous range known as the MKIV System. www.huntingdonfusion.com.


McElroy says the new DynaMc™ Hand Pump (HP) machines provide the power and pressure required to butt fuse pipes sized 2-inch IPS to 12-inch DIPS with a hand-powered pump. The double-action hand-pump paired with high-velocity cylinders create faster carriage speeds for critical openings and closings during the fusion process. The DynaMc 28, 250 and 412 HPs — each available in two- and four-jaw configurations – comes with an easy-lift cradle that can be removed to make the machine smaller for tight working environments. The electric facer that comes with the fusion machines is powerful and can be loaded from either side of the fusion machine. www.mcelroy.com.


Clarion has published the Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook, 7th Edition with E.W. McAllister, Editor. The latest edition is expanded by almost 100 pages to include many new calculations and to conform with recent updates to technical codes and standards. Among the noteworthy features are sizing of drill bits for horizontal drilling, and calculations for design of cathodic protection systems. Clarion says the volume is a practical and convenient reference that provides quick solutions to everyday problems faced by pipeline engineers, contractors, and designers. It assembles hundreds of shortcuts for pipeline construction, design, and engineering. Workable “how-to” methods, handy formulas, correlations, and curves all come together in this one convenient volume. Hundreds of illustrations, photographs, and tables provide answers to even the most difficult pipeline problems at a glance. clarion@clarion.org, www.clarion.org.

OSD Pipelines

OSD Pipelines has launched a new website that it said is part of a strategic plan focused on providing a more detailed source of information on OSD’s market presence, range of services and global pipeline capabilities. OSD Pipelines says it is a global engineering, operations and training services provider that specializes in all aspects of pipeline and pipeline facility development and operation. The new site shows a structure of services in four divisions – project development services, project execution services, asset services and Piped. The company says the website is compatible with mobile phones and PDAs, it incorporates modern flash technology and website navigation is intended to be simple. 61-7-3870-7333, steve.budden@osdpipelines.com, www.OSDpipelines.com.

E.H. Wachs
E.H. Wachs® has announced the launch of a new Small Diameter Split Frame (SDSF), an externally mounted machine tool for cutting, beveling, and counterboring pipe from 0.84-inch to 4.5-inches diameter. The SDSF is capable of performing socket weld removal and chipless wheel cutting. Lightweight and flexible, the SDSF is optimized for low-clearance environments. It offers simple setup and operation, featuring a self-squaring clamping system for precise cutting results typically available only with fixed machine tools. 847-537-8800, www.ehwachs.com.

Vermeer Corporation

Vermeer Corporation has introduced D9x13 Series II Navigator horizontal directional drill (HDD) designed for confined jobsites and areas where surface disturbance to turf, such as residential and commercial lawns, is a concern. It is designed to accommodate 300 feet of drill rod and a two-speed rotational gearbox to enhance controllability. The frame measures 35.5 inches wide. An extendable-track feature allows the rod side track to extend an additional 6.5 inches to 42.5 inches outward, adding more width at the tracks to increase side-hill stability. The D9x13 Series II is available with either a 9 gpm at 750 psi or 15 gpm at 750 psi onboard drilling fluid pump. Powered by a 47 hp Kubota turbocharged diesel engine, the HDD produces 9,000 lbs. of thrust/pullback force and 1,300 ft.-lb. of rotational torque. www.vermeer.com, salesinfo@vermeer.com.

SmartSignal® Corporation

SmartSignal® Corporation, a partner of OSIsoft® and in the business of providing predictive analytics for equipment health in the oil and gas industries, has announced SmartSignal xConnector™. It is said to be a comprehensive, bi-directional link between the PI System™ and SmartSignal EPI*Center® predictive-analytics software. This link makes it possible for PI users worldwide to access the intelligence of SmartSignal directly in their PI tools. Using this link, PI users now can detect and diagnose problems across all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment and graphically visualize and analyze them directly in PI – all in time to take action and avert expensive unplanned outages and repairs. xConnector is the culmination of a long-term partnership of SmartSignal and OSIsoft. www.smartsignal.com.

TechCorr says on its new website that it offers over 400 qualified, experienced, certified and reliable individuals with expertise in inspection, conventional nondestructive testing and advanced nondestructive testing services. With over 18 offices worldwide, the company says its inspection and testing division is equipped to handle nearly any inspection program requirement no matter the complexity or location. Capabilities include API inspections, nondestructive testing, QA/QC-new construction, third-party vendor surveillance, advanced nondestructive testing and specialty inspection and testing. The company says its clients rely on it to manage their day-to-day inspection and testing requirements whether rolling out a mechanical integrity program, supporting expansion projects, or providing additional support during routine and emergency plant outages. www.techcorr.com.

Evonik Industries
Evonik has announced what it describes as a new high-performance thermoplastic polyamide pipe that is less expensive to install and easier to maintain than traditional steel pipe. The company says this is its first introduction in North America. VESTAMID® LX9030 PA12 (VESTAMID PA12) is said to offer exceptional performance for high-pressure natural gas applications. The firm says researchers estimate that PA12 pipe has significant labor and installation savings over steel. “PA12 is an excellent alternative to steel pipe in high-pressure applications up to 250 psi for gas distribution lines,” said Dennis Jarnecke, program manager at Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in an announcement from Evonik. Peter Rieck, 608-358-3178, www.evonik.com/northamerica.

Rig Source, Inc.

Rig Source Inc. reports that pipeline contractors from east to west depend on Crawer Carriers from Rig Source for quality new, used and rental units to get their jobs done. Equipment support provided by the company includes new or fully refurbished like-new units from Morooka and IHI in a variety of sizes to meet specific needs. Replacement tracks and parts also are available. 877-365-1649, www.crawlercarriers.com or www.rigsourceinc.com.