Leak Detection, Monitoring, Inspection And Erosion Control: ENRG

August 2009 Vol. 236 No. 8

ENRG says it offers the oil and gas industry’s first real-time, Web-based noise-monitoring service that enables operators to be proactive to potential noise issues around compressor stations and drilling and producing sites.

The new service, which is patent-pending, provides operators with 24-hour access to real-time noise data via their personal computers or cell-phone devices. Operators can make proactive changes to operations and/or be prepared to respond to noise complaints from regulatory authorities. The ENRG noise-monitoring system can be configured to instantly send text message or email alerts if the operation reaches a compliance point. The system is accessible via the Web and allows for multiple users to access the data, as defined by the operator. 214-674-3762, info@enrgconsultants.com, http://www.enrgconsultants.com/nmt.html.