Leak Detection, Monitoring, Inspection And Erosion Control: Crowcon IR flammable gas detector

August 2009 Vol. 236 No. 8

Crowcon says its new IREX infrared (IR) flammable gas detector is an alternative to pellistor-(catalytic bead) type flammable gas detectors.

It is said to increase response times and greatly reduce zero drift. Capable of detecting methane, butane, propane and many other hydrocarbons, IREX is specifically designed for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Using an IREX detector is said to result in a T90 response time of less than seven seconds, comparable with the most expensive conventional IR gas detectors.

Because IREX operates from the same control systems as pellistor-based detectors, it allows existing pellistor-based systems to be upgraded without any of the costs associated with installing a new control system. 859-957-1039, salesusa@crowcon.com, www.crowcon.com.