Fast Fusion to Promote Products in ISCO Areas

July 2009 Vol. 236 No. 7

Fast Fusion of Palisade, CO, announced on June 14, 2009, that it was immediately taking a more active role in the promotion of its equipment, products and services, including increased marketing efforts in locations that previously serviced exclusively by ISCO Industries, LLC.

Fast Fusion’s Dick McKinley said the firm has enjoyed a constructive relationship with ISCO since 2004, and expects ISCO to continue to play an important role in the distribution of Fast Fusion’s equipment and products in the future.

However, he said, the increasingly difficult business environment dictates that Fast Fusion enhance its ability to directly market its equipment, products and/or services to potential customers through a variety of means. McKinley said, by doubling efforts the company believes it we can better reach and serve more individuals and entities that will benefit from using its equipment, products and/or services. He concluded by saying the company expects to maintain a productive relationship with ISCO.,