RF Neulink NL5500

July 2009 Vol. 236 No. 7

RF Neulink, a supplier of wireless data transceivers, has broadened its portfolio to include the NL5500, a licensed conventional radio in both VHF and UHF frequency range.

The capability for transparent and direct asynchronous communication offers real-time communication. The device is described as fully compatible with RF Neulink’s NL6000. It will communicate and coexist with NL6000s while providing throughput and long range for multiple address systems. It is field-configurable as a master station or remote radio. These units can operate as a half-duplex or simplex radios. The simplex mode facilitates peer-to-peer radio communications while using a carrier sense (CSMA) channel collision avoidance technique. 858-549-6340, 800-233-1728, rfneulink@rfneulink.com, www.rfneulink.com.