Ditch Witch® JT3020

May 2009 Vol. 236 No. 5

The Ditch Witch® JT3020 All Terrain features one of the organization’s many patented innovations designed to simplify the HDD process.

The company says one of its breakthrough innovations was the slant-faced drill bit which revolutionized the industry by enabling HDD operators to steer the drill head.

All Terrain technology improves upon the steering process with a patented dual-drive pipe system which enables the machine operator to drill and steer at the same time. This is an advantage over single-rod systems which are not capable of steering as well, if at all, in consolidated soils. The inner pipe of the JT3020 All Terrain’s two-pipe drill string continuously turns the drill bit at 150-400 RPM, depending on the soil, for efficient boring. 800-654-6481, www.ditchwitch.com.