Phoenix Contact GSM/GPRS Serial Modem

April 2009 Vol. 236 No. 4

The new GSM/GPRS serial modem from Phoenix Contact provides global access to machines and systems via GSM connections.

An integrated TCP/IP stack allows the implementation of simple control systems into the GPRS network. The PSI-GPRS/GSM-MODEM/RS232-QB-USA modem has the necessary PTCRB and AT&T approvals for legal use to GSM and GPRS networks within the U.S. and Canada.

Once activated, the modem will work anywhere in North America where AT&T or Rogers Wireless cellular networks provide service coverage. A pre-installed SIM card makes activation quick and easy.

Phoenix Contact’s service partner, Stanza Systems, offers Diversenet service, eliminating the need to contact another carrier. Diversenet can be used to monitor remote and metropolitan equipment as well as to send notifications and alarms via SMS right to a cell phone. For more information, call 800-322-3225, e-mail or go to