More Problems For Long-Planned Calypso Pipeline Off Florida

April 2009 Vol. 236 No. 4

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced at a town hall meeting in Fort Lauderdale that he opposes the proposed Calypso pipeline off the Fort Lauderdale coast.

This, according to industry watchers, likely signals the project’s demise.

As proposed, the pipeline would transport natural gas from planned LNG gasification facilities being developed by the Calypso Deepwater Port (DWP). The Deepwater Port project would be located 8-10 miles offshore from Port Everglades and connect directly to the Calypso Pipeline.

The pipeline would make landfall in Broward County, FL and come onshore in Port Everglades, travel five miles along an existing industrial corridor, and ultimately connect to the Florida Gas Transmission pipeline system.

According to Florida’s Public Service Commission, approximately 1.2 Bcf/d of additional natural gas is projected to be needed to meet the state’s anticipated 2014 gas-fired electricity generation demand. The Calypso Pipeline is designed to supply 832,000 MMBtu/d, enough to satisfy two thirds of the new gas required to meet the 2014 timeframe.