Gordon Construction Co. Global Filter

January 2009 Vol. 236 No. 1

The Global Filter, Self Cleaning Air Filter System is completely automated.

As soon as the equipment is started, the system begins to energize with pressurized air. When the machine is shut off, the filter cleans itself. A clean air filter allows combustion engines to operate at optimal efficiency leading to the least amount of emissions. When an air filter begins clogging, the engine runs richer, producing higher emissions. As an air filter begins to restrict air intake, the fuel consumption rate increases as the engine loses efficiency. With the increasing cost of fuel, inefficient engines can prove very costly. With the Global Filter, Self Cleaning System, maintenance downtime and fuel costs are reduced. In addition, the original equipment manufacturer’s filtration stays in place – no unnecessary alterations to the original manufacturer’s warranty are required. This novel self cleaning system is a pre-filter to the existing system. 505.670.4078, rgord@cybermesa.com