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ClockSpring|NRI is the high-performance critical infrastructure solutions company. We strive to delight customers globally with innovative, verified, safe, and environmentally-conscious asset integrity solutions for construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure.

CSNRI: Composite Repairs and Seam-Weld Cracks

With the development of more accurate in-line inspection tools, the pipeline industry has started to discover a large number of potential defects associated with the pipe’s seam weld.

CSNRI: Composite Repairs on Tanks

In this article, we examine composite repair patches and their role on addressing large storage tank repairs with a focus on their acceptance and generalized repair methodologies.

CSNRI: Webinar - Crack Repair with Composite Materials TEC Talk

In this TEC talk, Casey Whalen, CSNRI's Global Engineering Manager, discusses how a composite repair can help reinforce cracks and extend the service life of pipelines and pipework. This TEC talk will discuss cracks on seam welds, but will also lightly touch on non-seam weld cracks, such as SCC or on girth welds.