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Pipeline & Gas Journal offers

  • online display advertising,
  • advertising in our monthly email newsletter,
  • custom e-blasts,
  • promotional positioning in our online buyer's guide,
  • webinars,
  • digital product demonstrations
  • and hosted white papers.

Examples are available below. Please contact your local representative for details or email Digital Ad Manager, Kate Permenter at

Online Display Advertising Rates
728x90 Leaderboard Banner: $2,500/month, $13,200/6 months, $22,000/year or $45 CPM
300x250 Medium Rectangle: $3,050/month, $16,500/6 months, $27,000/year or $65 CPM
125x125 Button: $1,300/month, $6,500/6 months, $11,000/year or $20 CPM
Peel down: $2,000/month, $11,000/6 months, $20,000/year
468x60 Front Page Banner: $700/month, $3,500/6 months, $6,000/year

Acceptable files include .gif, .jpg, .png, .swf (Flash, must use clickTAG protocol for tracking), text, third-party tags and HTML. If you have a question about a particular format, please contact Kate Permenter at

Email Newsletter Advertising

300x120 logo-opposite ad: $4,400 one-time, $4,050 each for six months, $3,500 each for 12 months
550x70 banner: $4,400 one-time, $4,050 each for six months, $3,500 each for 12 months
50-word promotional message: $3,850 one-time, $2,750 each for six months, $2,150 each for 12 months. Includes 125x125 .jpg, .png or .gif logo.
125x125 button: $2,850 one-time, $2,100 each for six months, $1,650 each for 12 months.

Acceptable files include .jpg, .png., still .gif, text.

Custom E-Blasts
Available to known clients only. Message approval required. Please contact your representative.

Available to select clients only. Please contact your representative.

Online Buyer's Guide

Pipeline & Gas Journal's buyer's guide is the authoritative resource for the pipeline industry's commercial expertise. The guide is published in the print version of the magazine once a year in May. List your company in the guide for free, or promote it:
Premium listing: $7,500/year
Materials: 320x240 FLV video or .jpg, .gif, .png image and 600 words of text on your company
Enhanced listing: $2,500/year
Materials: 468x60 .jpg, .gif, .png image
If you have difficulties with the buyer's guide, please contact the online editor.

For webinars, digital product demonstrations or hosted white papers, please contact your representative.